Josh Jacobsen

Government Relations & Policy Officer

As the government relations and policy officer at San Diego Regional Policy & Innovation Center (PIC), Josh Jacobsen works directly with local government agencies to employ data-driven policymaking through workshops, policy projects and community need assessments. Josh joins the PIC team with a passion and understanding of sustainable business practices that can create local policies and programs to support issues such as affordable housing, homelessness, health equity, climate resilience, and more.

Josh’s skills in partner relationship management, marketing, and business relations work to engage San Diego’s government and corporate entities in new methods of long-term sustainability.

Prior to his role at PIC, Josh worked as a community resource representative for the San Diego Foundation. Here, he worked closely with San Diego nonprofits to support the Foundation’s San Diego Credit Card Processing Network Program. Additionally, Josh served as a product and content marketing intern at Stio, an outdoor apparel retailer known for sustainability and quality gear to withstand natural elements.

Josh obtained his bachelor’s in business marketing from the University of Wyoming.

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