Land Locator Map

The San Diego Regional Policy & Innovation Center is a partnership between The San Diego Foundation, the County of San Diego, and the world’s leading think tank – The Brookings Institution – to conduct research and policy analysis and help solve the region’s biggest problems.

Climate resilience, critical infrastructure, and housing affordability are challenges that require massive collective effort. The Policy & Innovation Center builds partnerships to create cross-sector, multi-jurisdictional solutions – including determining how to increase the quality and quantity of available housing and improve access and affordability for all San Diegans. To do this, we are building an interactive map to identify government owned parcels that may be candidates for affordable housing projects.

Introducing Land Locator: Identifying Areas for Potential Affordable Housing in San Diego, the region’s first Geographic Information System (GIS) tool that identifies publicly owned parcels across the County of San Diego, City of San Diego and the City of Chula Vista, and overlays nearby amenities, such as transit, childcare and schools, and grocery stores, as well as the land characteristics, such as slope, flood/fire risk and more.

The Land Locator will be updated with additional jurisdictions, amenities and other data on an ongoing basis.

Andrew Bourne

Analytics & Impact Senior Officer

Andrew Bourne serves as a research and analytics fellow for the San Diego Regional Policy & Innovation Center (PIC). In his role at PIC, Andrew has created infrastructure plans to support electric vehicle ownership, transportation, water accessibility, and other environmental issues.

Prior to his work at PIC, Andrew interned at The Brookings Institution where he researched the effect of federal infrastructure policy on local government. His expertise is informed by years of experience analyzing data as a software engineer for Uber and the New York City Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity.

Andrew earned his master’s from Baruch College. Here, he excelled as a finalist in the imperial College London Climate Change Investment Challenge and received the Marxe Dean’s Excellence Award. He received his bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Chicago.